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THE Best way to clean and care for brass
   Brass was once the most widely used material for creating everything from home decorations to suits of armor. It was inexpensive and readily available. Brass resembles gold so it added a touch of elegance and was very desired and still is today. Brass is still used worldwide for all types of home decorations, door hardware, lamps, all types of artwork, musical instruments and lamps. Brass is very beautiful but like all other decorative metals, it has to be cleaned.

  The first step in cleaning brass is to determine if the brass is solid brass or if it is steel that has been plated with a brass overlay, which is called brass plate. 

  Since real brass is a copper and zinc alloy, it will tarnish very quickly when it is exposed to the air. Brass will turn black when it gets tarnished. This definitely takes away from the decorative appeal of a beautiful brass object. Brass must be cleaned and polished regularly to maintain a bright and shiny finish.

  There are many different ways people use to clean brass. . Some cleaners are very toxic and some are very abrasive and actually damage the brass object by scratching it.

  The best way to clean a non-lacquered piece of brass is to use a reputable liquid brass cleaner such as Brassmate. The most common and efficient way to clean is by using the liquid brass cleaner because it takes less than a minute to completely clean a piece of brass. The brass object is placed into the liquid brass cleaner and is fully submersed. It needs to be agitated for 15-20 seconds while it is submersed. The brass object is removed from the Brassmate, rinsed in cool water, and dried with a cloth.

  This system is the most effective way to not only clean the brass, but to polish it, too. It also is the most cost effective way to clean brass because this brass cleaner can be used over and over again. Simply pour the brass cleaner into a plastic container (Rubbermaid or Tupperware for example), use it to clean you brass, and put a lid on it to stop evaporation. This brass cleaner could last indefinitely if strained through a cotton sheet to take the tarnish build up out of the solution. Imagine that! Never buy brass cleaner again.
HINT: An easy way to determine this is to place a magnet on the object and if the magnet sticks, it is brass plate. If the magnet falls off, you can be sure it is solid brass because a magnet will not stick to solid brass. This will help to figure out the best method of cleaning and the best brass cleaner to use.
HINT: You have to find out if your brass item has a lacquer coating and if it does, it MUST be removed before you can clean it. 
Obviously, if it does, NO cleaner will clean the brass if it does not come into contact with the metal because of the lacquer coating.   
Lacquer remover can be purchased at any hardware store.
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